~ A Note From Wes Taff, owner of Kickstarterz

Wes Taff
Whenever I’m in a place of business, one of my favorite things to do is strike up a conversation with the owner about how, why and when they started their company. I love hearing stories about passion and drive in a startup business.

However, most of the time I discover these same owners, who have put an extreme amount of effort into planning and execution, have thought little concerning their marketing needs. They’re upfront when they tell me they don’t have the budget for a professional website design and other marketing material, such as brochures, business cards, and flyers.

I believe excellent and creative marketing material is vital to the success of a company, especially one that has just opened its doors for business.

Over the last twelve years I have designed websites, business cards, flyers, logos and more for friends and associates. Sometimes I didn’t charge a penny for my services; I just wanted them to succeed with their business venture.

Now, I want to offer LOW COST design services, so that small businesses can market their companies in a professional and creative way.

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